Sum up and experience

After a day of intense use, reflashing mods, deinstalling mods, kernel here and there abouts.. freaking grinning about Oreo.. and hatred cursing Oreo i can sum it up a bit :osmile:

- Luca is aware of the Dalvik/ART Cache issue.. it is not present for everybody but it is there now and then and the Cache dont get built up as it is supposed.. he is already working on it as i write it :fingerscrossed:

- Dolby Atmos wont work for now on S8/+ on Oreo.. problem as far as i understood is that the different Ports (Axon, Unify) wont run on S8's Hardware.. the Lepros3 version would but there's no Port at the moment for it... so i (we?) need to hang on .. i think it will definately come but not yet atm..

- ROM runs extremely stable and smooth.. didnt come in any problem and i messed around alot with it..

- Works flawless with this Apps i testet:

- Magisk (16.0 - !16.4 beta)

- Lucky Patcher 7.2.8

- MTweaks

- Titanium Backup 8

- GPS Joystick (recompiled with different App ID to hide from Pokemon Go :cflol:)

- Pokemon Go (used Magisk Hide)

- Faster GPS (GPS server localization to fasten up things)

- Root Browser Classic

- Busy Box (Magisk Module)

- YouTube Vanced Magisk Module

- SD Maid

- ZArchivier

- 4G Switcher (set to LTE/WCDMA only to rip out Edge)

- ThemeStoreModV5 for Samsung Themestore (yes even this works on Oreo even if it is for Nougat)

- ... more to come :cflol:

Only issue i had was with TSF Launcher Prime 3D Shell.. my one and only Launcher since Aeons...

Problem is since its pretty old... the predecessor of CM Launcher (i dont like it) .. and its no linger maintained.. it can't handle the Adaptive Icons that Oreo comes with.. several Apps only appear with an Android Bug logo... and i cant even replace the logo anyhow...

If anyone knows something about this Problem or could point me a direction to workaround it.. i would apreciate it very much... i in fact can code.. even a bit python (alot of other web languages too)... and maybe i would have no problems in getting into android coding.. but i dont have really time for it as a family dad :osmile: .. is that possible to re-code the TSF Launcher or the Icon-Bridge/Lib or just replace it?.. maybe i talk BS but i really hang on this Launcher :tear:

lets see when i write part 3 :osmile:


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  • Sad... I also use TSF since it was available... Hope it'll work..

    • my best alternative i found is Apex Launcher. Free but some options only paid.. its pretty nice .. so i spent the 3 bucks 😀

      Still hope to find a solution for tsf

    • Tnx for the info... ATM no choice but try Apex... Please notify if you find solution for TSF.... Tnx again...