Chapter 1: Installation .. Problems and possible Solutions

Yeah .. Batman 2.0.0 Oreo is out !!!

But wait.. is it as flawless as it everyone claims ?

No.. not yet... but soon.. after this article you should be good to go :crazy:


- Knowing what you are doing... i wont keep it to "installing for someone who never done this.."

- latest TWRP installed (i have

- external SD Card with the ROM on it


Optional Stuff:

- Batkernel 2.1.0 on the external SD

-maybe other Kernel to test (i have TGP 2.4.1 Oreo)

-a Backup of ypur Phone.. allthough its Optional .. i HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT just in case


-Nothing too spectacular.. Factory Wipe the Phone (i used advanced Wipe and ticked everything except MicroSD (since there is your ROM and stuff on it)

-Install the Rom with your prefered settings... to mention that you MUST update BL / CP to the ones Luca implemented in the Aroma .. flash it or have problems..

First Rebot:

it takes a few minutes... then the start screen appears and the keyboard is stuttering like hell or a force close message from the SystemUI appears.. kinda normal...

now dont do anything.. it would break your nerves... just put the phone aside.. wait 10 minutes... (WAIT 10 MINUTES!!!)...

after that... REBOOT the phone... if you canot use power menu... use VOL-DOWN / POWER BUTTON force reboot (hold both for at least 10 secs)

After that the next reboot will optimize about 300+ Apps... it takes time... after that it should come quite fast... now set the phone aside.. and WAIT AGAIN 10 Minutes....

reboot AGAIN... until the phone is not optimizing anymore apps...

Background.... DEODEXED Roms need to BUILD UP the Cache at first boot and that what makes this so laggy.. all apps ARE NOT CACHED and will be loaded into the RAM and this is WAY TOO Much for the phone...

My personal experience was that after first reboot it was stuttering and lagging all the way .. i went to recovery and wiped Dalvik/ART and Cache partition (advanced wipe) and threw over the TGP 2.4.1 Oreo kernel.. after that it optimized me again 52 Apps and after a second reboot again 54... then it was smooth as hell... so i thought it is the Kernel which causes Problems... but NO it is NOT Batkernel... cause after that i threw over Batkernel 2.1.0 (and magisk afterwards before rebooting) it worked still smooth as Hell..

you dont need a FIXMYPROBLEM.ZIP... you need more a "KEEP PATIENCE.ZIP" ;-P

Will write another article after a break.. need to make lunch for family hehe


Don't take life to serious... nobody will get out alive anyway :cflol:


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  • I followed you guide and it worked more or less as you wrote.

    Yesterday I tried to flash the rom but had to revert to BatMan 1.5 backup as the phone was very laggy all the time, even though I had rebooted it 5-6 times. Then I saw this blog :)

    After I flashed the Rom but before reboot I also flashed NX-R7 kernel & Magisk as #Leeum below suggested.

    After first reboot I planned to leave the phone alone for the 10 minutes you suggested but oddly enough the phone reboot by itself after optimizing 351 apps - maybe after 5 minutes.

    Still at the Start screen I left it alone for the 10 minutes, rebooted and the phone went straight to the Start screen again- no optimizing :)

    Still using NX-R7 kernel I have setup the phone as I want it and its still snappy without any side effects I can detect.

    Oh, and as I didnt want to risk the chance of been lockout by upgrading to Oreo bootloader/modem I stayed on Nougat AQK7 (easier to revert to a 1.5 backup) with no problems so far.

    So thank you for your blog. Without it I would probably have stayed on BatMan 1.5 after my first failed attempt to flash 2.0.

  • Oh noo, this new updated fucked up my phone.

    Phone now will no longer boot, gives me error message: Only official released binaries are allowed to be installed and then switches off.

    • Uh.. did you unticked OEM-Unlock in the Developer Settings on your Phone before flashing ?



      - Knowing what you are doing... i wont keep it to "installing for someone who never done this.."

      I hope youve done flashing on Samsungs recently and know about several security mechanisms they installed and you have to disable or circumvent them in order to get the rom on it..

      otherwise there are some guides here on the page (even in the batman rom thread) .. i really hope youve read it... it seems like you forgot the OEM

    • Know exactly what I am doing, have installed custom roms before on many other devices as well, followed the steps correctly, then after installation, error message above.

    • i didn't wanna blame you... if i did that i am very sorry .. i know how that is... i just couldnt make out if you are experienced or not... i dont know you =) i for one time flashed a and all data was gone and i could only format the mobile.. and even the bootloader freaked out .. had to redo all stock-flashing and repeat all things... today there is no "no-verity" needed anymore to do seperatly =)

    • It is fine, I have just now restored factory image, everything wiped, now installing TWRP and then rom again, just a bit of a mission to resolve and very frustrating right now that my latest backup was on my phone, because my SD card is full, so lost way too much,

      Was coming from the latest RENOVATE-ICE rom.


    thanks for the details - HELPS A LOT!!!

    the waiting period during the FIRST boot till the "welcome" message, has always been equivalent to 'the gates of hell & back' kinda experience :)~ ur write-up HELPS! :-)

    that being said... i will download this thing now & flash it - since i know i am not gonna be alone ;-)

    peace out for now.

  • Thanks mate. Nice workaround to the Dalvik-cache issue. I however used NX-r7 kernel and rebooted a few times to let the cache rebuild then flashed BatKernel v2.1.1 and now everything is smooth as butter. Chur