"TWRP in a Nutshell" Chapter 4: TWRP Tricks Part 1: Flashing special Images

I just had a very very nice "WTF I didn't even know that i can do that" yesterday and i wanted to share that with you...

I think I'll expand this part of the TWRP in a Nutshell Article from time to time when I come across something very neat

1: How to i get a different TWRP version on my mobile when all i have on it is TWRP

First you maybe think "Man whats up.. use Odin" ... ok.. good argument.. but i have a counter for that... my N9005 is a victim of its daily use.. i used it about 2 years straight (thats about 4 years ago) every day for work.. therefore loading it constantly evening and during the day in my car.. one day.. i plugged it in (the plug was a bit loose a few weeks before.. i didnt think about it) .. and magical blue smoke came out of the dock Port (NO JOKE!) .. telling me that a loose contact in the dock port broke loose and made a short on the dock-port electronics.... therefore i canot charge it anymore nor doing file transfers via USB .. and .. well i am just lazy and dont wana invest the time and money to replace the dock port... (since i would have to replace the display too .. a bit spidered.. not bad.. only a bit) .. hell i bought an original replacement battery and an original battery charger for the N9005 for 20 bucks... wtf... so i now have to batteries for it.. but no dock port.. anyway the Mobile is out of business for me for a couple years now but i kept it and used it for experiments now and then... but unfortunately with no dock port available .. so i canot update Modem/Bootloader (or if someone knows how to.. tell me :osmile:)

Well now you maybe think.. "Hell it is easy... flash the TWRP zip via <Install>" ... well.. that is true.. to a point called "" .. beyond that TWRP suggests to flash the recovery (thats where TWRP resides) via the TWRP app in the running Mobile and no obvious "ZIP" files are to be found beyond ... but what if you dont have a running OS on the mobile... install some other OS and install TWRP app... then flash .. reboot recovery .. wipe reinstall.. hell i know mobile modding takes time but i dont have that much time to spare... so whats the solution.. pretty simple....

- Get your equivalent TWRP version from the TWRP homepage in the IMG format (theres a tar format.. thats for Odin.. it wont help us)

- Get it somehow on your mobile (preferably via external sdcard)

- go to <Install> section

(I took the picture from the Internet .. its just for viewing .. means nothing in particular)

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- drive through the directory structure to where the IMG file resides

- hit the magic <INSTALL IMAGE> button and it will ignore all ZIP files but recognize the IMG files

- select your TWRP Image file and say <INSTALL> ...

- now it will prompt you for a last time.. this is CRUCIAL... dont chose the wrong one...

It will ask you to WHICH Partition you would like the image file to be flashed to.. in the TWRP case you want the RECOVERY Image.. then continue and ..

- Reboot to recovery

Voila you have your new TWRP installed

it is also possible to flash the IMG file by hand in the Terminal window in TWRP.. but that is VERY dependant on WHAT Device you have since y ou have to mess around with the /dev/block directory.. and you dont want to mess around with that if you dont know EXACTLY what you flash to what directory block :D

i didnt recognize this feature.. simply cause i didnt have to use it any time...

You also can flash some Kernels in this Format if there are no Zip files around for it .. in my particular case i have an old N9005 (note 3 hlte) wich i wanted to use Resurection Remix 6.0.0 Oreo (Oreo 8.1) and i had only TWRP on it (for nougat touchwiz)and i allready wiped it .. but the RR 6.0.0 and opengapps wont work with this version since its a bit an older mobile... so i had first go back to and then after flashing the RR 6.0.0. i had to flash the Synergy Oreo Beta 3 Kernel (wich only comes in IMG file format) to get a green safety net ... but you have to know where to flash the IMG files to ... TWRP goes to Recovery partition.. Kernels go to Boot Partitions and you also have to know when you flash an IMG file it is a RAW flashing 1:1.. and it wont keep stuff like magisk or anything...

so the correct Order in MY particular case would be

- Get TWRP

- Wipe/format

- reboot recovery

- Flash RR 6.0.0 O (zip, no aroma)

- Flash Synergy Kernel Oreo Beta 3 (IMG)

- Flash Opengapps (ARM, 8.1, pico in my case) (ZIP)

- Flash Magisk 16.0 (ZIP)

- Reboot and have Fun :D

The Note 3 is a very Nice Phone.. its not that hardcore fluid on Samsung touchwiz and it doesnt have any version beyond Marshmallow .. and hell its a bit laggy... even with all kernel tricks and stuff.. so i decided to go to AOSP... and well.. it is a beauty ... its fast like hell and the Initial Backup (after installing all necessary stuff like chrome, youtube, some games, some apps nothing special) is a FREAKING 1.0 GB big .. that is debloating/running thin at its best...


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