What causes the Problems with Deodex install and what to do against it

i just wanted to sum it up a bit and do a bit a more clear what and how upon this

1. This only applies when you install the DEODEX variant (if not. Tell me 😀)

2. What are the symtoms?

- Very laggy OS.. keyboard inputs lag.. sometimes several seconds.. also hardkey lag.. everything seems to use handbrake

- slight laggy system but very high battery drain

- force closed apps.. specially systemui.apk and such

(If i forgot something.. tell me.. ill add it)

3. What causes this ?

ODEX is a form of cache.. every apk got its own ODEX file wich acts as executeable file and is loaded on boot to ensure faster boot and app execution. Thus loading those odex files on boot neglects the possibility to mod a certain app. Those odexes are loaded in the Dalvik/ART.

DEODEX roms have those odex files removed and backrevertet in the corresponding apk leading to the fact the respective file isnt loaded on boot and can be modified cause its not allready in the DalviK/ART.. This circumstance makes it easyer for cooks or modders to actually mod system apps.. thats what it is about..

The first boot now normally recognizes 'hey there are no odex files but there are dexes..now lets build up the cache with those instead'.. after the initial bootup the dalvik builds up his cache with the dex files and creating ODEX files.. thats its nature it cant circumvent that.. it will take longer to build it up the way the files are placed and coded .. and thats where the problem actually happens... this initial buildup for some reason isnt reliable until done completely first time. Somewhere in the kernel there something goes wrong and failing the dalvik to build up completely.. that doesnt prevent the system from running.. but the dalvik constabtly tries to build up since it is its nature.. even when phone is up.. that drains alot of recources abd lags and drains battery as hell

4. What to do against when your system is allready installed

1. Get another kernel like djb77's TGP kernel 2.4.3 or NX-R7

2. Put that kernel on sd card

3. Go to twrp > wipe> advanced > tick dalvik/art and cache only! > wipe

4. Install kernel (tgp has magisk support integrated.. use it.. i dont know if nx kernel has it integrated. Maybe you need magisk16.zip to install magisk afterwards before boot)

5. Reboot .. optimizing apps appears (here is the dalvik built up).. wait til you come to the main screen.

6. Lay aside phone 5-10 mins give it room and time to buildup..

7. Reoot.. if it optimizes again go to point 6 and repeat until no apps are optimized again

8. Setup phone.. but give it a bit time to fully buildup.. only first time though.. The Dalvik will build up on the fly .. means if he didnt have an app on boot he will cache it.. during the system running so you could expect some glitches or maybe stuttering on first hand... give it time.. a day or 2.. what ?... yes.. give it time... :osmile:.. but that doesnt mean dont use it.. cause that will not help you.. dalvik caches on the fly as you use apps.. if you dont use apps .. it wont build up... the thing where to lay aside after first boot is more a one shot... the system has a todo list.. and if iwont get it done til bootup it will do it in background.. that is one of the very very very most differences from Nougat.. where you get your green sprocket-screen where it tells you "optimizing..." its merely the same as in Oreo but you see that the buildup is riddiculously slower on nougat.. cause the dalvik builds up .. when its finished it boots fully up.. oreo does that ON THE FLY.. to boot faster.. and you will recognize it the first time it boots up... it will do background tasks... just to "boost" the user experience... NOT on the first Bootup :osmile:

9. Now you can use Batkernel again if you please.. the kernel is fully ok and very nice.. just the dalvik thingie can be a bit frustrating

This bug is present all over the deodex roms on oreo .. its not a bad development its the nature of the phone to act such..cause it never meant to be deodexed..:D:D


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