TWRP - The big mystery.. or "TWRP in a Nutshell" Chapter 2: Restore, Settings, Reboot

Now lets have a look how to restore your backup... it is quite simple

Prerequisited is as always a previoused backup who would have thought that :smile:

If you have a valid Backup file structure in a TWRP Folder it will look like this when hitting the Restore button

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You now could either say.. i will restore this... or i have another backup on another storage.. then you would hit the "Select storage" button

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Either way when you select your desired Backup the screen advances to....

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and you then finally can choose what partitions you would like to restore... also you can enable digest verification wich first will check the backup files for any errors... will take a bit longer.. but when you dont backup//restore all the time like me and only have one or 2 backups around this makes sense...

very interesting thing is now you dont have to restore everything... lets say when you flash a kernel... oh damn no.. you flashed a nougat kernel over an oreo Rom... hell bootloop... NIGHTMARE... ARMAGEDDON... keep calm... :smile:

go ahead and restore only the BOOT ... keep the rest unticked.. just boot... boot is pretty small... it takes a few seconds to restore.. hit reboot.. everything ok... in some cases you would have to wipe dalvik / cache .. but first try without... saves you the pain of formatting reinstalling reconfiguring etc etc..

lets say you installed a Lineage OS and your EFS is gone... HOLY.... na... dont panik.. get back here and restore EFS.. doesnt matter what kinda ROM it is.. voila.. everything ok..

you have to think a bit before running around with chainsaws :smile: .. if you got a backup... you can be as cool as ice if something's goes wrong... there's no error you could make you canot undo with a restored backup...

Worst thing you can come up with is to reflash stock via Odin.. then oem unlock.. then flash twrp newly .. then formating phone.. dm-verity disabled and then reflash your backup... but thats litterarely the worst worst worst case :smile:

now lets see what you can do else in TWRP... the Settings ahh... yes...

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Going top down..

Zip Sig Verification => will check zip internals crc/hash on errors... normally not necessary.. if you are paranoid about write errors you could enable it..

Reboot after install complete => is a bit annoying... usefull if you flash 1 zip then reboot but i wont suggest this.. cause when you install a rom.. reboot.. put another kernel on it... reboot.. put magisk on it.. reboot.. is just waste of time

flash rom, kernel, magisk then reboot... is alot faster and does the trick too

use rm-rf instead of formatting => now this is linux detailed file command mechnis, related .. normally formating is something like <MKFS> wich deletes partition / creates partition a kind of quick format...

rm- rf is a killer comand.. in linux you should never use it... cause RM - RF means "Remove file recursively starting at root folder" means it will erase everything and all on your phone... its the same as format but way slower but much more convenient.... dont touch it.. you will never use it

disable free space check before backup => we had earlier in the backup section this option too.. now here it is in the general settings...

skip digest generation during backup => same as above

enable digest verification of backup files => allready done in the restore chapter

Use 24hour clock => yeah .. i live in europe.. switzerland.. and i use 24 hour clock :smile:

Reverse navbar layout => for what reason should someone use that ? hehe

Prompt to install TWRP app if not installed => pretty handy.. istalls the official TWRP app in your Phone.. it chan flash TWRP updates on the go in your running mobile to the recovery partition (since no OEM unlock is present you can do whatever you want with it hehe) .. thus the TWRP updates aren't that frequent anymore since Oreo came out.. and twrp isnt pretty buggy anymore... i would install it just to keep sure

Simulate actions for theme testing => this is a bad button. not bad at what it does more it can prank you... if this is ticked ... nothing you do.. i repeate NOTING you do is gona happen on your phone everything is just simulated.. to test the TWRP theme... litterarely :smile:

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Here you can set your adequate time zone... be sure to hit <Set time Zone> because if you dont.. it wont save your time zone :)

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to keep your mobile cool and the battery alife while backing up tons of gigabytes you can set a display timeout.. :)

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and for your finger joy you can adjust the intensity of vibration... uuuuh.... ehm sorry :rofl:

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and some language selection... even mi native language is german / swiss german... i prefer english above all.. some translations are more than worse :smile:

Rebooting... yes...

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Here are your options to Reboot...

System => tells the Bootloader aka BL to start Mobile up as usual..

Power Off => powers your Mobile off... keep in mind that when you next time power on your mobile it will boot into TWRP.. not your system !! you have to use System to get your handy up..

Download => goes into Download mode.. this one you know for sure since you have twrp installed with Odin via download mode.... here you can flash stock recoveries etc..

Recovery => does that make any sence ? .. hell yes.... if you Format your system (not wiping) .. or use a DM-Verity remover.. you MUST reboot to recovery before flashing your rom again.. since your partitions are not propper initialized.. and then the TWRP will ask you "DO YOU WANT YOUR SYSTEM TO BE MODIFIED OR KEEP IT READ ONLY" ... hit the checkbox not to be asked again and slide the arrow "YES I WANT IT MODIFIED" ..

think that covers it about up for Restore, Settings and Reboot ...

The last Chapter will contend the most interesting and maybe longest article ... Mount / Advanced .. Troubleshooting and rescueing stuff


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