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    2: Doing a "Blind" EmergencyPlease login to see this link.

    Life is a strange thing... so are coincidences... 2 days ago i killed my wife's Samsung S7 .. it fell accidently face down flat on the flat wooden floor... first i looked.. whew.. no spider app... but.. also no display activity .. some glitches here and then.. key inputs were working.. status LED too.. but the display was definately dead... it had a minor spider on the back-cover (also glass on S7) and a bit loose in front on the top glass layer... nothing too bad.. (well it didnt have any protection at all.. xD)

    how the hell do i get her data off from the phone... she had a screenlock applied so i couldnt just swipe to unlock the display (even if it wasnt working anymore the digitizer did work) .. problem is USB debuging was activated for sure (means ADB works ...) but only on unlocked screen.. therefore ADB statet "unauthorized" ...

    The solution is... go to Please login to see this link. my instance... S7 you have to

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    I just had a very very nice "WTF I didn't even know that i can do that" yesterday and i wanted to share that with you...

    I think I'll expand this part of the TWRP in a Nutshell Article from time to time when I come across something very neat

    1: How to i get a different TWRP version on my mobile when all i have on it is TWRP

    First you maybe think "Man whats up.. use Odin" ... ok.. good argument.. but i have a counter for that... my N9005 is a victim of its daily use.. i used it about 2 years straight (thats about 4 years ago) every day for work.. therefore loading it constantly evening and during the day in my car.. one day.. i plugged it in (the plug was a bit loose a few weeks before.. i didnt think about it) .. and magical blue smoke came out of the dock Port (NO JOKE!) .. telling me that a loose contact in the dock port broke loose and made a short on the dock-port electronics.... therefore i canot charge it anymore nor doing file transfers via USB .. and .. well i am just

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    TWRP .. the big mystery.... but wait! its a really nifty thing and not only there to install your ROM

    It can solve alot of problems.. and also cause a lot of problems if not proper used

    I try to clear a bit with that and give you the most common suggestions and ideas for TWRP

    I won't cover the Installation of TWRP.. i suppose if you read this that you have it allready installed... and know what you are doing.. . i wont take any responsibility if your phone / data gets damaged =)

    Lets have a look at the Main Screen

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    Install => Pretty obvious.. there you can install your ZIP files like Magisk, Roms, Kernels etc
    Wipe => There you can litterarly Wipe your Phone.. everything

    Backup => There you can Backup your various Partitions
    Restore => There you can Restore your Partitions

    Mount => There you can mount different not mounted partitions
    Settings => some more or less not so important features wich you normally wont touch

    Advanced => interesting =)

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    Today i want to show you our new trophy-system with which you can earn archievements/trophies by being active or doin special activities.

    You are able to find all possible trophies here:

    Please login to see this link.

    Please login to see this link.

    Please login to see this link.

    The description of the trophy is selfexplaining on how to reach it. If you click a trophy you will be able to see which users got them too already.

    You can show the trophies you reached in your Userprofile by setting it up in your General-Settings here: Please login to see this link.

    You can choose which one´s to show and which one´s not.

    We are constantly expanding the trophies, this was just the start on them.

    If you got some questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

    Have nice day!

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