Batman 2.0.0 Oreo Installation

Problems that could occur at first install.. Possible Solutions (though no guarantee since every Phone/Setup Option/Software Combinations can influence the Result)

    i just wanted to sum it up a bit and do a bit a more clear what and how upon this

    1. This only applies when you install the DEODEX variant (if not. Tell me 😀)

    2. What are the symtoms?

    - Very laggy OS.. keyboard inputs lag.. sometimes several seconds.. also hardkey lag.. everything seems to use handbrake

    - slight laggy system but very high battery drain

    - force closed apps.. specially systemui.apk and such

    (If i forgot something.. tell me.. ill add it)

    3. What causes this ?

    ODEX is a form of cache.. every apk got its own ODEX file wich acts as executeable file and is loaded on boot to ensure faster boot and app execution. Thus loading those odex files on boot neglects the possibility to mod a certain app. Those odexes are loaded in the Dalvik/ART.

    DEODEX roms have those odex files removed and backrevertet in the corresponding apk leading to the fact the respective file isnt loaded on boot and can be modified cause its not allready in the DalviK/ART.. This circumstance makes it

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    After a day of intense use, reflashing mods, deinstalling mods, kernel here and there abouts.. freaking grinning about Oreo.. and hatred cursing Oreo i can sum it up a bit :osmile:

    - Luca is aware of the Dalvik/ART Cache issue.. it is not present for everybody but it is there now and then and the Cache dont get built up as it is supposed.. he is already working on it as i write it :fingerscrossed:

    - Dolby Atmos wont work for now on S8/+ on Oreo.. problem as far as i understood is that the different Ports (Axon, Unify) wont run on S8's Hardware.. the Lepros3 version would but there's no Port at the moment for it... so i (we?) need to hang on .. i think it will definately come but not yet atm..

    - ROM runs extremely stable and smooth.. didnt come in any problem and i messed around alot with it..

    - Works flawless with this Apps i testet:

    - Magisk (16.0 - !16.4 beta)

    - Lucky Patcher 7.2.8

    - MTweaks

    - Titanium Backup 8

    - GPS Joystick (recompiled with different App ID to hide from Pokemon Go :cflol:)

    - Pokemon Go

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    Yeah .. Batman 2.0.0 Oreo is out !!!

    But wait.. is it as flawless as it everyone claims ?

    No.. not yet... but soon.. after this article you should be good to go :crazy:


    - Knowing what you are doing... i wont keep it to "installing for someone who never done this.."

    - latest TWRP installed (i have

    - external SD Card with the ROM on it

    - PATIENCE!!

    Optional Stuff:

    - Batkernel 2.1.0 on the external SD

    -maybe other Kernel to test (i have TGP 2.4.1 Oreo)

    -a Backup of ypur Phone.. allthough its Optional .. i HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT just in case


    -Nothing too spectacular.. Factory Wipe the Phone (i used advanced Wipe and ticked everything except MicroSD (since there is your ROM and stuff on it)

    -Install the Rom with your prefered settings... to mention that you MUST update BL / CP to the ones Luca implemented in the Aroma .. flash it or have problems..

    First Rebot:

    it takes a few minutes... then the start screen appears and the keyboard is stuttering like

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